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Monday, June 21, 2010


In this section, you will learn how to:
• respond to the speech acts, such as showing attention and admiral
• respond to a monologue discourse in the form of procedural text.
After learning the lesson in this section, you are expected to be able to:
• use speech acts of showing attention and admiral expression;
• do a monologue in the form of procedural text.

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Role Play
Learn the following dialogue, you will act this out in front of the class in the next meeting in speaking session

Vita : I brought some sandwiches. Do you want some?
(She hands a sandwich to Nely)
Nely : Thank you. (Nely takes the sandwich) It’s very
delicious. Fantastic taste.
Vita : I made them by myself.
Nely : Really? Tell me how to make them.
Vita : OK. First, take two slices of bread. Put a slice of
butter on each slice. Then cut some cheese into
Nely : Uh.. uh.. and then?
Vita : After that, place the cheese slices on a piece of
bread. Finally, put the other piece of bread on

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