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Monday, June 21, 2010


Characteristics of Descriptive Text
• A descriptive text is a text that describes the features
of someone, something, or a certain place.
• Introduction is the part of the paragraph that
introduces the character.
Example : Paragraph 1 in Sea Eagle text.
• Description is the part of the paragraph that
describes the character.
Example : The color of its feathers is light brown. It has
a strong and sharp yellowish beak

The Sea Eagle

There is an eagle nesting on the tree top near my grandparent’s house in Pangandaran. It was a sea eagle.
The color of its feathers is light brown. It has a strong and sharp yellowish beak.Its claws are very sharp. It hunts for fish in the sea but sometimes it hunts chickens and small birds.
Eagles have many sizes, shapes, and colors, but the sea eagle is easy to recognise because it has a strong a streamlined, sharp beak and a stream-line body. Its forelimbs (or arms) serve as wings. This means that they are of little use for anything except fying. It walks on two legs and has a very fexible neck and strong beak to handle foods, to care for its feathers,and for many other jobs that non-flying animals do
with paws, claws, or hands on their forelimbs.

I. Answer the following questions based on the text

1. What do you know about eagles?
2. Why is the sea eagle easy to recognise?
3. What do you think of its fying? Is it easy or hard to do?
4. What do the forelimbs of an sea eagle do?
5. What are the sea eagle’s neck and beak like?

II.Find the meanings of these words in Indonesian.
Use the dictionary to help you.
1. mushroom (n)
2. eel (n)
3. orchid (n)
4. caterpillar (n)
5. toad (n)
6. eagle (n)
7. cockatoo (n)
8. owl (n)
9. raven (n)
10. shark (n)

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